Why Jesus Project FAQ

Welcome the Why Jesus Project FAQ!

FAQ 1: What is the Why Jesus Project?                                                                                      The Why Jesus Project is a collaborative effort of 10 churches to provide educational and worship resources on the Narrative Lectionary texts for Epiphany (January 6 – March 3) 2019.

FAQ 2: How did the Why Jesus Project get started?                                                             

The answer is two-fold:

  • It’s the idea of the brilliant Pastor Joanna Mitchell. She asked the questions of “Why Jesus?” and “Why Church?” with storytelling consultant, Pastor Heather Roth Johnson, and it’s her questions that captivated the hearts of the churches below to collaborate together.
  • Listen to the podcast on Why Jesus by Erwinn McManus. He says, “Why Jesus? Because Jesus is the why your soul has been looking for…Jesus is the perfect fit for the soul.” Don’t we want our people sitting in the pews to be able to answer this question? (That’s the goal! See below.)

FAQ 3: What’s the goal of the Why Jesus Project?   

The goal is that people will be able to articulate why Jesus is important in their daily lives. We want the people in our congregations to be able to answer Why Jesus? The goal is just that simple. (Remember simple is not the same thing as shallow!)

Check out the Epiphany template to aid you in your planning.

FAQ 4: What kind of resources will be provided? All sorts of things:

  • Use the Epiphany template linked above in your planning.

Resources to come (hopefully the first couple of weeks by December 1):

  • Some kind of logo that can be used on bulletins, screens, websites
  • Music suggestions and Sunday School curriculum for Sundays, January 6 – March 3
  • Short-story videos with discussion questions
  • Children’s sermon ideas, sermon starters and sermon video suggestions.
  • Reader’s Theaters A collaborative art piece
  • Cross+generational educational opportunities for January 6 and March 3.


FAQ 5: Who is the team providing these resources? (See photo directly above!)

Check back at the beginning of December 2018 for Epiphany 2019 materials. (Yep! It’s a tight deadline, but that’s what we are able to do. This will be a free resource.)

More soon…

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