Why Jesus? Coloring Book

The Why Jesus? Project for Epiphany 2019 has Sunday School curriculum, themes for each week, a video series and confirmation material, music, sermon ideas and children’s sermons, and now has a Coloring Book. (For the home page, click on the Why Jesus? logo at the top of this page.)

Each Sunday, there is what we call a “take home point” or red thread theme that runs through everything in the Why Jesus? Project resources. Those themes include Why Jesus? Because Jesus is; Because Jesus is relationship; Because Jesus is light; Because Jesus is blessing; Because Jesus knows your heart; Because Jesus loves both saint and sinner; Because Jesus sees the possibilities; Because Jesus is trustworthy; and because Jesus is love. These take home points have been made into a beautiful coloring book.

IMG_0401 (1)

Download the free whyjesus_coloring book_1 today!

Thanks to artist, Brita Taracks, for her drawings that tie together so beautifully these take home points, the Bible story, the video or people’s story. Thanks to Stephen Gallen of Roseville Lutheran Church in Roseville, MN for the lay out. Thanks to Roseville Lutheran Church Endowment for sponsoring this event.



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